Hill & Valley Log Cabins (The story of the Hill & Valley Log Cabin book)

Two goes into four and four goes into eight, but there is no math involved and you are sewing nothing but rectangles. The basic building blocks give an endless number of visually striking quilts, including subtle and grand curves-all with nothing but rectangles. We present the concept, some of the building blocks, some of the quilts and some other


Weaving Patterns Turned to Quilts (The story of the Remarkable Rectangles book)

You can weave squares, circles, ovals, squares around and through circles and a wide spectrum of other configurations, just using straight lines. We converted all these weaving patterns to quilting patterns and they are nothing but rectangles. We present the concept, multiple patterns and quilts and options for using as settings for appliqué projects.


Well Behaved Bargellos

This class details the process for generating Bargellos on Good Behavior. You take a Bargello design, mirror it on the right and then mirror the whole thing along the horizontal. What you get is a symmetric design, beautiful hearts, diamonds, squares and other figures. The quilts are easy to construct and, for the most part, you don’t even have to match the seams. They are mostly constructed using strata (strip sets) with some individual pieces thrown in. They are easy to make and graphically stunning.

The Magic of Strip Sets

This presentation details the nature, construction and versatility of strip strips. We detail how strip sets are used to make entire classes of quilts, from Bargello to Baroque Tapestry quilts.

A Stroll Through EQ

In this lecture we take a leisure walk through EQ, designing two completely different quilts in what appears to be the blink of an eye. In the process, we touch on all the major EQ functions: retrieving blocks, fabrics, colors, and quilting stencils from the EQ Libraries; changing fabrics and colors with just a click of the mouse, choosing block sizes, quilt layouts, borders and more.